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What’s Happening In Hip-Pop: Kelly Osbourne Quits “Fashion Police,” Malik Yoba Talks Gay “Empire” Actor, & MORE!

First Look: Whitney Houston Played By America’s Next Top Model Star YaYa Dacosta

MOBO- FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014 12:09 PM GMT

Former America’s Next Top Model star Yaya DaCosta will play Whitney Houston, in a biopic about the singer’s life, it has been revealed. Lifetime’s early-2015 biopic Whitney Houston (working title)—directed by the singer’s Waiting to Exhale costar Angela Bassett- has just began shooting. Even though Yaya does not have the same vocal range as the late R&B diva, she has the look down to perfection, as the first promotional photo demonstrates, with its striking resemblance to the pop star’s original 1987 Whitney album cover. As for how she prepared for the shoot, she said: “I just looked at the picture and did the pose!”

The biopic will focus on Whitney’s relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown and will not address her death in 2012, which is something Bassett told TMZ she did not want to highlight.

“We’re not interested in dragging her life again through, you know, the muck. She had to play out her choices, and the consequences of them, in a very hot, glaring spotlight, but we’re not interested in dragging that through again.”

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Author: Adenike Gboyega


RED CARPET RECAP: JHud Brings The LBD Heat, While Zendaya Plays It Sweet For “Black Nativity” (PHOTOS)

Oprah Joins Hollywood’s Elite In The Fight For More Black Films

By JAKE COYLE 11/06/13 10:29 AM ET EST AP

NEW YORK — NEW YORK (AP) — Oprah Winfrey has heard this story before.

oprah winfrey black filmsA wave of high-profile films about black people receives accolades. A heart-warming trend of greater on-screen equality is declared. Hollywood basks in its multiculturalism — and then returns to business as usual.

From the slavery odyssey “12 Years a Slave” to the day-in-a-life drama “Fruitvale Station,” this fall has been a banner season for films of racial struggle told without white protagonists and largely by black directors. As one of the stars of the Civil Rights history “Lee Daniels‘ The Butler,” Winfrey is a proud player in a rare moment for African-Americans at the movies. But she and many others have tired of celebrating occasional aberrations of what should be Hollywood’s regular output.

“We’ve been through this before,” says Winfrey. “I don’t want it to be, ‘Oh, gee, we had the 10 films and now it’s another five years before you see another one.'”  2013 is a historical high-point for black-themed films, a culmination of Obama-era cinema. But the filmmakers and actors who made this confluence happen are resolutely against being resigned to a mere trend story, soon to be followed by another lull in diversity.

Read on Oprah Joins Hollywood Elite-More Black Films

Plus Size Model Graces Elle’s Cover-Welcome Back Tara!



Welcome back to Elle, Tara Lynn!

The plus-size model graces the November cover of the glossy’s Spanish edition, reminding us it’s been too long since we’ve seen her there.

Tara is no stranger to magazine covers… across international waters, that is. While the H&M “Big Is Beautiful” swimsuit model has graced Elle France and Vogue Italia covers in the past, we have yet to see the Seattle-born beauty land a front page on a major American fashion magazine.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot above and check out the final product below. Note that Elle Spain dubs her a “Mujer Real” — a real woman, indeed. Here’s hoping we see more covers in Tara’s future!

article by Huff Post Style

Ifill, Woodruff blaze a new trail for women on TV – The Washington Post

By , Published: September 8.

Robert Severi/AP – This image, provided by PBS, shows co-anchors Judy Woodruff, left, and Gwen Ifill in the newsroom of “PBS Newshour.” Ifill and Woodruff are the first women to co-anchor a national daily news program on television.

National TV newscasts have tried just about every kind of anchor configuration over the past six decades: A lone male anchor. A lone female. Two men. A man and a woman. Even three men.    However, Woodruff and Ifill have anchored “Newshour” before, alone or in combination with each other (they handled the political conventions and election night last year together). Still, their installation as regular co-anchors is a small cultural milestone for American TV news.  More… Ifill, Woodruff blaze a new trail for women on TV – The Washington Post.


30 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Billie Jean’

Michael Jackson’sBillie Jean‘ turns 30 today. Not only is it one of the highest selling singles of all time and the catapult that shot Jacko to the zenith of pop, it also changed the entertainment world. First, it was the video that drew attention to MTV and kickstarted its significance in popular culture. Second, it finally broke the grip of the racists in charge who refused to play videos featuring black performers. Here are 30 other facts you might not know by Lucy Jones @NME.


Find out the 30 Cool facts you didn’t know about Billie Jean.  I certainly did not know that the UPC barcode on the album that had the single ‘Billie Jean’ was rumored to be Michael Jackson’s phone number? If I only knew…

Video Of The Year VMA: Justin Timberlake Wins Moonman At 2013 Video Music Awards

Timberlake beat Macklemore, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Robin Thicke for the Video of the Year Moonman trophy.

Video Of The Year VMA: Justin Timberlake Wins Moonman At 2013 Video Music Awards.

Sexism In Hollywood: Female Screenwriters Far Less Likely To Sell Speculative Screenplays Than Men

sexism in hollywood

Thelma and Louise— Female Empowerment!

Article by Julie Zeilinger

It’s hardly a secret that women are underrepresented in many parts of the entertainment industry — and according to new research, female screenwriters aren’t immune to this gender gap.

Researcher Susana Orozoco found that women screenwriters’ scripts currently make up a smaller percentage of speculative script sales than any time in the last two decades. Spec scripts — scripts written without compensation based on the hope of selling the final product on the open market — are currently on the decline across the board in Hollywood. A March 2013 Vanity Fair article pointed to recent industry changes, such as the collapse of home-video sales (which once compensated for low box-office returns) and studios’ increasing interest in film franchises like “Harry Potter,” “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” as some of the sources of waning interest in spec scripts.

But these industry changes hardly explain the gender imbalance amongst screenwriters of spec scripts that are picked up and, as Orozoco’s research demonstrates, female screenwriters are being hit especially hard. Orzoco found that between 1991 and 2000, women wrote 14 percent of spec scripts sold and only 9 percent between 2010 and 2012.

This decline in female-written spec scripts doesn’t just mean fewer professional opportunities for women hoping to break into the film industry, but also indicates that films which authentically depict women’s lives may be even harder to come by than they already are. “Thelma & Louise,” an iconic film about female empowerment, was written by female screenwriter Callie Khouri on spec. More recently, “Hope Springs,” a film that dared to openly delve into the topic of post-50 female sexuality, was also written by a female spec screenwriter, Vanessa Taylor.

The entertainment industry is notorious for it’s pathetic representation of women in all realms. For example, the Women’s Media Center found that in 2012, women comprised only 18 percent of key behind -the-scenes roles in films — a figure that has risen a mere 1 percent since 1998. These new statistics are disheartening, but they’re also a great reminder to support the female screenwriters whose scripts are produced when it counts: at the box office on opening weekend.

Sexism In Hollywood: Female Screenwriters Far Less Likely To Sell Speculative Screenplays Than Men.

7 Ways to Get an Artist to Cut Your Song | MusicWorld® |

Cliff Goldmacher states:

Writing for yourself is where it starts, but keep the artist in mind throughout your process

When you’re starting out as a songwriter, a common scenario is that something in your life moves you to the point where you’re inspired to write about it, and thus, your song is born. This may still be the case – and on some level, I hope so – but if you’re hoping that someone other than you will record your song, here are some essential strategies to keep in mind.

1. Make your song memorable and easy to learn.
There are several ways to create a memorable song. First and foremost, is there something about it that sticks in the listener’s mind and sets it apart? That’s a great place to start. Almost as important, though, is whether the song is easy to learn. If it is, then lots of things can happen. Not only can music fans pick up on it and sing along, but an artist is much more likely to connect with it and learn it as well. Lyrically, making sure your rhyme scheme is consistent in the verses and that your choruses are simple and the same from chorus to chorus is a great start. Regarding your melody, while it should be unique and memorable, it also helps to keep away from something so complicated that it’s tough to learn. Remember, in order for an artist to record your song, they have to learn it. The easier you can make that job for them, the better.  Read more on ….

7 Ways to Get an Artist to Cut Your Song | MusicWorld® |

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